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dreams_andtrees's Journal

We Live In Dreams And Trees
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cutesy things, pretty things, abstract things, beautiful things, the weird and wonderful things
This is a community for the Earth's new generation of children, those who have whole other worlds existing in the one we are interacting together in, those who love the small details in life, those who see beauty in everything. We come from all different backgrounds, express creativity differently, and no two imaginations are alike, but our dream worlds sometimes merge, and we all want to spread beauty, love, and warmth to other people in the small time we have here.

This community is for nature, poetry, art, fashion, photographs, and music. For cutesy things, for pretty things, for abstract things, for beautiful things, for the weird and wonderful things.

When you join, please post a little comment here: http://community.livejournal.com/dreams_andtrees/469.html

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